Economic expectations


Geert Langenus and Raïsa Basselier
National Bank of Belgium
GfK, Nielsen


The New Generation

29 MARCH 2018

Färm, Bio c’Bon, Simone a Soif,..

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The Digital Society

9 APRIL 2018

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Non-food Session

26 APRIL 2018

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Retail & consumer goods is your daily action domain. The one where you have important responsibilities. For several years already a lot of you encouraged us to create a place where people can meet, a space for an open dialogue and interaction, where the players of this market can be regularly confronted with new ideas. But also a place where the professionals of retail, FMCG, e-commerce and food world can be inspired by good practices developed by others in Belgium or on an international level.

This place, now exists: The Retail Society. And we would be honoured to welcome you as a member in one of our clubs: Food-retail, non-food or Digital.

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